At Resource Tap we strive to take on the heaviest part of your load so you can get back to what matters most.


Project & Disaster Coordination

We’re happy to help you stay connected with your team and partners, set up and facilitate meetings, and keep everyone on task and on time.

After Action Reviews & Reports

We’ll host supportive, candid conversations in small group settings, then bring everyone together for a larger discussion. Once all is said and done, we’ll hand you a report highlighting what went well and what could use a little extra love.

Tabletop Exercises & Drills

We’ll coordinate with you and your partners to create tailored, realistic scenarios that best address your goals.

Resource Mapping

Looking to better understand available capabilities?

We’re here to help.

Wildfire Awareness Training

This training covers:

  • Easy to spot indications of wildfire danger
  • When to evacuate
  • Reasonable expectations during a wildfire
  • Recovery on a personal level
  • Big picture recovery
  • Mitigation strategies

Disaster Preparedness Training

We’ll teach you and your people how to be better prepared for what may come. After all, an organization is only as resilient as it’s employees and volunteers are.

Emergency & Disaster Plan Development

We will help you create, update, and tailor your emergency and disaster plans so your organization and employees aren’t caught off guard when things go sideways in dangerous and costly ways.

Continuity of Operations Training & Plan Development

Continuity of Operations Planning can:

  • Retain customers
  • Reduce cost associated with disruptions
  • Increase employee and customer safety
  • Increase market share for small locally owned business
  • Retain employee base

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How we’re giving back

We Believe that those striving to make the world a better place deserve a leg up.

To back this up, we are now offering free personal disaster preparedness training. When your staff is more equipped for what may come, so is your organization.

“If the recent disasters that have impacted our state have taught us anything, it’s that being prepared can make a big difference.”

-Oregon Emergency Management

During large scale events such as snowstorms, blackouts, flooding and fire, first responders may not be able to reach everyone for hours or even days. This will be especially true after a Cascadia Subduction Zone-earthquake and tsunami. For this reason, experts recommend that Oregon residents should proactively prepare to be self-sufficient for at least two weeks. The preparedness of your organization’s members is directly tied to the stability, functionality and longevity of your organization.

Being Two Weeks Ready does the following;

  • Takes pressure off first responders so they can triage effectively and attend to life-threatening situations.
  • Ensures you and your family can survive if roads are impassable and no one can reach you with help or supplies.
  • Reduces the feeling of helplessness and post-traumatic stress that is often felt by disaster survivors.

In addition to being two weeks ready, Oregon residents are encouraged to:

  • Stay informed by signing up for local emergency alerts.
  • Make and practice emergency plans.
  • Build an emergency kit.

Although this may sound like a lot, the process can be easily broken down into small, manageable bite-sized pieces.

We will educate your organization’s members on personal disaster preparedness at no cost to you if:

Your organization aids in disaster mitigation, preparation, response, recovery, or emergency management in any way.

You are a locally owned small business.

You are a faith-based organization that actively helps those in need.

Your organization is dedicated to advocating for or serving minorities, those with unique challenges, or otherwise work to increase equity.

You are a long-term care facility.

Your organization is locally based and is involved in supporting or maintaining local infrastructure.

Your work directly pertains to K-12 education. This includes home school groups.

Your organization is dedicated to reducing the effects of, or is working to find solutions to, climate change.

Your organization actively supports animal well-being.

You organization is locally based and specializes in the trades.

You are a neighborhood association.

You are a local or state government entity.

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