Resource Tap

is dedicated to strengthening those that:

  • Support emergency or disaster mitigation, preparation, response, or recovery
  • Are striving to make the world a better place
  • Need to work a little harder to stay in the game
  • Take care of the day-to-day items that we tend to take for granted like functioning roads, water treatment, communication, and other such critical items

At Resource Tap, we strive to help people and organizations prepare for the worst and grow through the struggle.

Post-traumatic growth is positive change that results from successfully overcoming a major life crisis or traumatic event. Post-traumatic growth tends to improved relationships, increase resiliency and appreciation for life.

At Resource Tap we believe:

That hardship should not define us.

That we can empower ourselves through education.

That no one should feel like a helpless princess trapped in a tower waiting for a savior.

That finger pointing and placing blame is a meaningless activity.

That we should own our resourcefulness and that through this ownership we can experience post-traumatic growth.

That post traumatic growth occurs when people dig in, get dirty, and take charge of their own situation.

That every organization is unique in its disaster planning needs.

That no one understands your situation better than you do.

That becoming stronger and better prepared should be a joyous activity.

That paying large corporations big money to write a one-size-fits-all plan has little to no value.

That preparation, mitigation, training, and practice can be the defining difference between becoming a survivor or a victim.

That as sure as a faucet can deliver water from a well, we can tap into our own unique abilities as individuals, business owners, organizations, and communities to become our own heroes.

That with the right education and attitude, we can take control of our future regardless of what may come; we can become our own resource tap.

Learn a little. Live a lot. Become The Tap.

Resource Tap Disaster Support Services is based out of Eugene Oregon and strives to help individuals, small businesses, emergency managers, organizations and communities everywhere take charge of their future despite what hardships may come.